Saturday, October 10, 2009

Start with OAF Development

Please follow these steps to setup your Jdeveloper for OA Framework,
First you have to find out the correct version of Jdeveloper for OA Framework which you can find from below link.
Step 1 : See Metalink Note: 416708.1 "How to find the correct version of JDeveloper to use with eBusiness Suite 11i or Release 12". Download and install JDeveloper with OA Framework extension
Step 2: Obtain the FND database connection (.dbc) file from the system administrator who installed the OA Framework database. Place this file in the <JDEV_USER_HOME>\dbc_files\secure directory.
Step 3: Download the OA Developer guide from the following metalink note ID and follow the see the topic "Setting Up Your Development Environment" in Chapter 1 of the "Oracle Applications Framework Developer's Guide".
See Metalink Note: 394780.1 - Oracle Application Framework Developer's Guide Release 12
See Metalink Note: 744832.1 - Oracle Application Framework Developer's Guide Release 12.1.1
Step 4: Identify or create a valid E-Business Suite user and grant them the responsibilities: OA Framework ToolBox Tutorial and OA Framework ToolBox Tutorial Labs.
Step 5: Set the JDEV_USER_HOME environment variable. It may look something like: c:\jdeveloper_R12\jdevhome\jdev

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